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Molinox is proudly part of the Roten Group, 5 companies that work together to ensure the highest quality and the best service in the industry.

Molinox is a company with years of experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial springs.
Each phase of production is performed internally by a highly qualified staff.


Molinox specializes in the construction of round-wire springs in polished stainless steel resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.


Molinox springs are used in various industrial sectors: chemical-pharmaceutical, sanitary, food and petrochemical.


Molinox produces all the springs needed for the whole Group.


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ROTEN is the parent company of a group of five companies.

Each company works completely autonomously and they are the owners of their own assets and buildings. A continuous technical cooperation between our factories ensures the highest quality for materials and best delivery times.
We stand out as a company in accordance with the current certified standards.
All of our brands are internationally trademarked.

Group Targets:

To supply the best quality products, to give fast deliveries and service and to give the maximum satisfaction to the customers.
To build up a global spread presence in the world market. We provide constant training in order to ensure thorough product knowledge by all personnel, and to offer the highest technical support possible.



The choice of strategic suppliers is made only after careful consideration. We seek long term contract agreements and cooperate with suppliers to give the best delivery times possible.


Flexible production techniques to respond to increased demand.
A large percentage of profit is reinvested into the company to maintain our technology at the highest level. Testing of all new high quality materials before they are accepted as production materials.


Service offered to Customers:

On-site technical service by request. Quick technical support via telephone and email. Website with technical information on seals.
High flexibility in production. Tailored design and dimensions. Long term supply agreements to obtain the best price conditions. A consignment stock for high volume seal usage.

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